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    Kit Include: [1 x ] 6 x 9 ft Green Muslin Backdrop, [4 x ] Backdrop Clips
    6 ft wide and 9 ft tall green muslin backdrop background screen
    Nice soft non reflective […]

  • Pattern Name:3 to 4 inches | Size:6 Fish (3 of each) TOLEDO GOLDFISH LIVE SHUBUNKIN AND SARASA GOLDFISH COMBO This best-selling combo is a mix of shubunkin and sarasa goldfish. Shubunkins are calico blue in c […]

  • You will receive 5 mixed ranchu goldfish. These fish are about 1-2 inches in length. They will grow to about 6 inches as adults. Important shipping information: We have a stated handling time of 4 days. Most […]

  • Style:10-SNAILSOur Golden Mystery Snails have dual benefits — they add a burst of color to your aquarium and also act as fish tank clearers! They feed on uneaten fish food, plus they wipe off glass or acrylic a […]

  • Size:5 ShrimpRed Cherry shrimp are one of the most common shrimps in the hobby. These are home bred cherry shrimp range from 1/2 to 1 inch long, mixed male and female. CARING – Red Cherry Shrimp are easy to care […]

  • You will receive 5 Assorted Guppies. These will most likely be Assorted Delta Guppies. I will try to send 2 males and 3 Females. You may request different ratio of sex, or ask for specific colors. I will do my […]

  • Scientific Name: Neocaridina davidi We are the largest tropical fish importer and wholesaler in the Northwest.  Search You Tube for videos about Aqua Huna to learn more about our company.  We built this store to […]

  • The Fancy Guppy is a beloved fish in the hobby. With so many different variations of color, one can make a stunning display with these fish. They are elegant swimmers, with great personality. Their colors really […]

  • Water Hyacinth are great biofilters. Their long roots provide a hiding place for smaller pond inhabitants. They grow extremely fast, especially with lots of sun exposure. Your fish will love them. They will […]

  • Pattern Name:10 to 12 inches | Size:3 FishLIVE STANDARD FIN KOI FOR PONDS, AQUARIUMS OR TANKS Koi are beautifully and uniquely colored members of the carp family. They are a great addition to any freshwater g […]

  • Size:6.5 Ounce | Product Packaging:Standard PackagingAqueon foods were developed with premium ingredients and unique formulas to keep fish healthy and energetic. Aqueon foods contain only natural ingredients a […]

  • Size:0.45-Ounce | Product Packaging:Standard PackagingAqueon Tropical Foods provide optimum nutrition for a wide array of tropical fish. They provide a healthy daily diet for proper growth and vitality and b […]

  • TOP QUALITY Malaysian Trumpet Snails and Live Aquarium Plants! Included in this package: 5+ Malaysian Trumpet Snails – assorted size 1/4- 3/4 inch. BONUS snails – always included!!! Malaysian Trumpet Snails are […]

  • Hornwort, also known as Coontail, has sturdy, layered hair-like foliage that helps oxygenate and clarify the water as well as keep algae growth to a minimum. It is found free-floating worldwide, in moving and […]


    Scientific name Taxiphyllum.sp. While spiral to the frame in sense of the flame, it extends on facing toward light. Growing, excessively, there are no times when it extends too much, it can produce […]

  • WELCOME TO MAINAM AQUATIC PLANT : We are specialize in aquatic plants. With our experience, We have a plenty selection of live aquarium plants, premium quality, reasonable price and fantastic service. We use high […]

  • TOP QUALITY Ramshorn Snails and Live Aquarium Plants from AQUATIC DISCOUNTS! Included in this package: 5 Ramshorn Snails – assorted size 1/6-1/3 inch. Ramshorn snails are excellent live feeders for PUFFERS, […]

  • You get 1 bunch of Hornwort with at least 3 stems. Which can be separated and planted in your aquarium according to ones liking. This plant is low maintenance, grows easily and fast! Hornwort can grow floating […]

  • Eleocharis montevidensis also know as Giant Hair grass is a terrific background plant that does well form Medium light to high light . This plant gets very tall so it is great at hiding those filters and heaters […]

  • Size:1-Ounce

    Product Description
    TetraFin Plus Goldfish Flakes are a nutritionally balanced, premium daily diet for all goldfish – with added algae flakes for added vegetable matter to keep goldfish in p […]

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